I've been taking pictures since 2nd grade, but all of the images here are since 1970 and most much newer. A major health issue put a stop to my travelling in November 2008, so the few photos after that are close to home in Portland, Oregon.

All the photos through 2008 were shot with Canon SLRs--film until 2003, digital after that. I used a variety of lenses, mostly Canon L series zooms from 16 mm through 400 mm. Now, I have only a Sony NEX-7 with 18-200mm zoom and haven't really gotten into city photography.

If you're wondering whether I'm the same Bob Metzler that you used to know, here are some keywords: Eldredge; Nappanee Elementary & H.S.; W9MKF, KP4ACB, W4TNI, W7MDL; New Windsor, Md.; Gregory Intermediate & Marshall H.S. in Chicago; Manchester College; CastaƱer, Puerto Rico; WRSW; KWG; WLRP/WOWI; U. of Louisville; GE Lynchburg; West Springfield; Geotronics; Portland; Tektronix; U. of Portland Business School; Audio Precision; Laurel Road, Hillsboro; The Gregory in The Pearl.

If you'd like to contact me, send e-mail to bob"at"bobmetzler"dot"com (but replace the quotes and text inside with the standard symbols).